Founded in 2019

The Association’s mission is to work collaboratively with aviation-industry
trade associations and the airport community on matters of policy
decision-making with a collective impact on restaurant/retail members.


As members of the airport communities we serve, ARRA members
have an expertise and understanding of best practices in the complex
aviation restaurant and retail operational environment. Our knowledge can
ultimately deliver powerful solutions of benefit to our airport partners.


We operate in increasingly challenging airport environments. Our
goal is to create an opportunity for dialogue and an exchange of ideas
to ultimately elevate the passenger experience while meeting our
financial obligations in this increasingly complex business.


Our input offers industry trade associations, airports and airlines a
more detailed understanding of the complexities we collectively face
in running our businesses so we are all working collaboratively to
meet the expectations of the industry for the benefit of passengers.


We’re airport stakeholders who have direct interaction with millions
of passengers each year at airports. The food, beverages, retail
products and services passengers purchase from us are essential
to the travel experience.


Our businesses are an important aspect of the local economies
and create jobs for local residents.


Through ARRA we will have the opportunity to collaborate on the broad range of issues affecting operators large and small.  ARRA will  prove to be an invaluable asset for airports in the planning and day-to-day management of concessions programs. Ultimately, it will enhance our ability to drive a pleasurable experience for the passengers we serve.

— Judith Byrd

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