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Wigington: Airport Aid Crucial To Concessionaire Survival

Updated: May 28

Editor’s Note: One month ago, the Airport Restaurant & Retail Association (ARRA) tapped Rob Wigington to be its first executive director. At that time, COVID-19 was a vague but growing threat, one that few, if any, thought would morph into the destructive force that it is.

Wigington had intended to focus on a variety of issues facing airport concessionaires in his first months with the organization. Instead, his efforts have zeroed in on the pandemic and its decimation of the airport concessions business. And as the crisis deepens, more and more concessionaires are turning to ARRA for solutions. From fewer than 25 members at its launch in mid-January, now ARRA’s membership has grown to 35 members. AXN’s Carol Ward spoke with Wigington about the current state of play, and how he’ll focus his efforts in the near-term future.


Source: Airport Experience News

Date of Article: Apr 3, 2020


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